We are in a climate emergency, and…

We're riding to canberra

what is the climate cycle to canberra?


The Climate Cycle to Canberra is an unsupported, adventurous, ‘non-charity’ bike ride from Melbourne to Canberra in aid of emergency climate action in Australia.


Unlike a standard charity ride, riders ask supporters for pledges of 'action' rather than money. These actions are aimed at moving us towards our political goals.


We want to create the conditions in which an effective, society-wide response to the climate crisis is possible. The first step is to get our politicians to declare a climate emergency.

Get on your bike

Come on an adventure, have a holiday, move us towards meaningful action. 

join the main ride

We're a welcoming bunch, and we'd love to have you along.

do your own 'climate cycle'

Go on your own adventure, using our resources.

Pledge an action

We’ve put together a list of suggested actions which makes it easy to support the Climate Cycle to Canberra. Be part of the movement for change. 

What are our goals?

An emergency-scale, society-wide mobilisation is now a reasonable and necessary response to the climate crisis. Yes, this is a radical step but it reflects the seriousness of the problem. But before this is possible our political leaders need to tell the truth about the climate crisis, and declare a climate emergency. 

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